In our preparation to ready Kansas and Missouri for electric vehicles, citizens need to be aware of the opportunities, benefits and truths about electric vehicles.  Here are some suggested steps that you can take to educate yourself and others about the benefits of Electric Vehicles.

1. If you or someone in your household is interested in buying an electric vehicle, contact Mid-America Electric Auto Association at

2. Make sure you check out our Electrify Heartland Plan, the regional EV readiness plan document that was released in December of 2012.

3. Visit the Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels and Data Center (AFDC) website,, which offers a fuel savings calculator that enables you to determine the return on the higher cost of an electric vehicle compared to a traditional internal combustion engine. For more helpful links visit our consumer links page.

4. View helpful videos on the consumer videos page.

5. Know your options. The Clean Cities 2013 Vehicle Buyers Guide is now available!


6. Talk to your local dealers. For a list of local dealers click here.