EV Ready Communities

Cities and towns in the Electrify Heartland planning area are encouraged to apply for EV Readiness status, which recognizes your community’s commitment to creating energy independence for America while improving the environment at the same time.

Earning EV Readiness Designation offers many benefits including:

  • Receiving an EV Readiness Award from the Kansas City Regional Clean Cities Coalition for display in public buildings.
  • Inclusion in the U.S. Department of Energy’s list of EV-Ready cities.
  • Listing on the Electrify Heartland Website.
  • Use of the Electrify Heartland logo and quick response code (QRC) in your own promotional materials.
  • Creating a framework for action, education and community pride.

Please have an authorized representative complete the following application and an Electrify Heartland team member will contact you to review your application shortly.

Following is a guide to help you complete the application.

Has your city adopted NEC 2011?

NEC 2011 is the first of the annual updates to include information specific to electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). Being sensitive to the costs associated with updating code standards and training staff, Electrify Heartland recommends municipalities at a minimum adopt the EV-specific portions of the NEC 2011 revisions.

Has your city adopted uniform standards for EVSE?

Electrify Heartland recommends municipalities require those requesting EVSE permits register their EVSE location(s) on publicly accessible Websites, such as the AFDC alternative fuels locator. Additionally, the plan recommends municipalities establish uniform rules for the permitting, installation and inspection of EVSE, and that residential EVSE installations be tracked in order to forecast possible impacts to electricity transformers and grids.

Have you adopted uniform signage for EVSE locations?

The U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has already approved EVSE signs submitted by the states of Washington and Oregon. Electrify Heartland recommends cities and states adopt these same signs for use in directing electric vehicle owners to charging stations.

Have you conducted an electric vehicle census?

Tracking the count and models of electric vehicles registered in your community assists in gauging the effectiveness of forecasting EV adoption and budgeting for the jobs needed to support the industry. Additionally, providing this information (excluding private residential and commercial private data) to electric utilities will help determine potential impacts on the electricity grid.

Have city first responders participated in EV/EVSE safety training?

Emergency Media Technicians, firefighters and police officers need to be aware of differences in electric transportation. The National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) regularly offers training courses. Contact the Kansas City Regional Clean Cities Coalition for a class schedule.

Have you identified long-term needs for EVSE?

Forecasts predict a national average of .8 passenger cars and trucks per capita, with four-tenths of one percent 0.4% of these vehicles replaced by electric vehicles by the year 2015. Additionally, forecasts predict an average of 1.5 EVSE per electric vehicle, including residential and public charging stations. This forecast will help municipalities plan EVSE siting, as well as staffing for permitting and inspecting EVSE.

Is your city a member of the Greater Kansas City Clean Cities Coalition?

To join the Greater Kansas City Clean Cities Coalition, visit http://metroenergy.org/images/Sponsor_Provisions.pdf, or CLICK HERE to download an application.

Have you filled out the AFDC’s EV Ready Scorecard for your city?

This scorecard supports these efforts by helping leaders in cities, counties, and larger regions:

  • Evaluate a community’s PEV readiness
  • Receive feedback about strengths and offer ways to improve
  • Record and track progress toward PEV readiness.
Click Here or visit https://www.afdc.energy.gov/pev-readiness to complete this action.

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