Electrify Heartland Plan

Electrify Heartland Full Document

The Electrify Heartland Plan below has been divided into sections so that you may download the information that pertains to your particular interests. Please click the links below to download PDF versions. If you would like to receive a project DVD with the full plan and attachments please contact us with a request.

Recommendations Summary:

Summary of Recommendations in the Electrify Heartland EV-EVSE Plan

Plan sections and associated appendices: 

Section 1: Develop Electric Vehicle Planning Team

Appendix A: EV Readiness Index

Appendix B: Greater Kansas City Plugin Readiness Strategy

Appendix C: Grant Proposal for Project

Section 2: Plan PEV Vehicle Deployment

Section 3: EVSE Deployment Plan

Section 4: Updated EVSE Building Code Plans

Section 5: Updated EVSE Permitting and Inspection Plans

Appendix D: EVSE Permitting Recommendations

Section 6: Updated EVSE Zoning and Parking Plan

Appendix E: Federal Highway Administration Signage Memorandum

Section 7: EV and EVSE Communication, Education, and Training Plan

Appendix F: EV Business Coalition

Appendix G: Automotive Technician Curriculum

Appendix H: Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program Promotion

Appendix I: Getting Started With EV

Appendix J: Electric Vehicle Fleet Tools

Appendix L: EVSE Site Host Considerations

Appendix V: Press Kit

Section 8: EV Benefits and Incentives Promotion Plan

Appendix K: Electric Vehicle Hangtag

Appendix M: Initial Website Map

Appendix N: Air Quality

Appendix O: EV Ready Communities

Appendix P: Sample Presentations about EV Forecasts and Redirected Spending Potential

Appendix U: Social Media

Section 9: Utility Grid

Section 10: Develop Corridors

Appendix Q: EVSE Corridor Analysis

Section 11: Emerging Technologies

Section 12: Other Considerations

Appendix W: Contributors

Appendix X: Exhibits

Appendix Y: Glossary

Appendix Z: Bibliography