Our Priorities

  • Grassroots Consumer Education

    The best advocate for electric vehicles are EV owners! We work with local Electrify chapters across the state to provide EV education and hands-on experience. Join your EV group to this statewide initiative to amplify your voices.

  • Fleet Electrification

    Electrification of service fleets is an important cornerstone to climate change mitigation. We work with local government and fleets across Kansas and Missouri to provide education, hands-on experience, and funding assistance where possible.

  • Co-op and Regulator Management

    EVs provide benefits to more than just the people who drive them. This is especially true for electricity providers and utility customers. Electrify Heartland works with electricity providers and regulators to support utility investment in EV adoption, including charging infrastructure programs and EV readiness policies.

  • Local, State, and Federal Policy Education

    EVs offer a host of benefits for the economic, environmental, and public health of our communities. Electrify Heartland works with legislators and policymakers across all levels of government to understand the importance of supporting transportation electrification.

  • EV Dealers and Manufacturers

    We work with EV manufactures and dealers to help Kansans and Missourians have access to a wide variety of EV models and a positive EV buying experience.

Our Partners

If you are interested in becoming a partner, contact us.